Park & Walk Program

Simonsdale Walking Programs Schedule

Month Informal Park & Walk Walking School Bus
 Park & Walk
 October 20th 15th 6th
 November 3rd 10th 17th
 December 1st 8th 15th
 January 5th 12th 19th
 February 2nd 9th 16th
 March 2nd 9th 16th
 April 6th 27th 20th Earth Day
 May 11th 18th 4th (Bike to School Day)
 June 1st   8th 

Informal Park & Walks
- start at Simonsdale Athletic Fields but there are no incentive items being given away.

Park & Walks - start at the Simonsdale Athletic Fields and students will earn incentive tokens.

Walking School Bus
- starts at Food Lion and stops will be along City Park Avenue. Other routes can be created to accommodate students in other parts of the attendance zone.

*May 4th is also Star Wars Day